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Magic #50

Magic #50

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Made it!

Whew. 50 Strips. 25 weeks. 6ish months. Still can’t draw. Someday. But I did make that asteroid from a picture of a rock and the flame from a rocket ship, so I have that going for me. Dave is off foreclosing on some house and thus kicking some poor family of 5 onto the street so it was up to me to be the hero and post the strip! I’m sure dave will chime in on such a historic occasion! Originally Dave’s script called for one more panel that would have shown the house in flames. I thought it was overkill… you decide! (Or it may have been that I had trouble getting that last panel to meet my obviously high quality standards.) -Tom

Yeah, it is pretty exciting. Who would have figured we could last 6 months? Nobody has delivered flowers or presents to me yet, but I’m sure they’re on the way. And now that Derek & Moe are dead, we can begin presenting our real artistic vision – the adventures of two cute kittens travelling across the country trying to find their home.


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